Welcome to our audio trails

These trails take you on a trip around the three communities, Fowey, Bodinnick and Polruan, sited around the harbour. Part of the walk is the very beautiful Hall Walk with its wonderful views and it is completely circular as you use both the passenger and car ferries. They both take you to the same places but one is clockwise around the harbour (Fowey, Bodinnick, Polruan) and the other is anticlockwise, (Polruan, Bodinnick, Fowey).

 Each trail has a map and information on access and getting here. The full walk is about 11 km/6.5 miles and if you do it in one go we suggest you allow a full day. But you can also just download the parts you need and do it in shorter stages at different times. The choice is yours.

Download the Full trail map in PDF >

Listen to Trail 1 Polruan, Bodinnick, Fowey >

Listen to Trail 2 Fowey, Bodinnick, Polruan >

Not got an MP3 player? You can hire one with the walk on it from the Tourist Shop, South Street Fowey or The Winklepicker on the quay at Polruan.

Tamsin Thomas

There are three voices to guide you on your way.  Your main narrator is Tamsin Thomas. Tamsin was brought up in Polruan, where her father was a harbour pilot, and she now lives in Fowey.  For many years she was a presenter for BBC Radio Cornwall but is now working for the R.N.L.I.

John Adams
John Adams, Bodinnick Ferryman

Giving you directions is John Adams. John was born and brought up in Polruan where he still lives.  In his teens he joined the Navy where he served during the Falklands conflict. He knows the area well and his family have lived here for many generations.  You might even meet him on your walks as he is one of the men on the Bodinnick Ferry.

Dr. Helen Doe

Providing the quotations is Helen Doe. A Fellow of the University of Exeter, where she gained her doctorate, Helen is a historian with a particular fondness for the harbour.  Her family came from Polruan and were shipbuilders and mariners. She now lives in Mixtow, just up the river from Bodinnick, and across from the China Clay docks.