‘We are starting our autumn and winter series of talks on 22nd September, at Whitecross Village Hall at 2.30pm. Hear from author Charlotte MacKenzie about smugglers and merchants in eighteenth century Cornwall.

Entry to Talks  –  Members £3,  non Members £6

Saturday 22nd September 2018 at 2.30pm


Talk: ‘Smugglers and merchants in eighteenth-century Cornwallby Charlotte MacKenzie

Smuggling was integral to trade in eighteenth-century Cornwall – organised by Cornish merchants carrying cargoes from tin to tea. Based on research for a new book, this talk takes a refreshing look at some of the myths and legends about smuggling in Cornwall.


Whitecross Village Hall


Saturday 27th October 2018

at 7.30pm

Talk: ‘Trade and tragedy in a west-country seaport’

by Alex Lewis

Inspired by a study of late 19th century port records this talk looks at Fowey’s shipping industry in the twilight years of sail.


Fowey Parish Rooms


Saturday 17th November 2018

at 2.30pm

Talk: ‘HMS Polruan, HMS Express and a U Boat –

A vignette of unpublished naval stories with a twist’

by Geoff Pringle

Three naval histories lavishly illustrated by pictures and artefacts from the speaker’s own collection.

Polruan WI Hall


Saturday 8th December 2018

at 2.30pm

Talk:A star to steer her by: the uncommon tale of two 19th century mariners’ manuscripts by Steph Haxton

This talk explores two ‘navigation exercises’, more than mere trials in trigonometry or exercises in plane sailing, but evidence of some inspirational teaching and the art of navigation at the height of Napoleonic War.


Fowey Parish Rooms


Saturday 19th January 2019

at 2.30pm

Talk: ‘Tywardreath Priory : The House on the Strand’

by Roger Smith

Once dominant in the affairs of Fowey and much of Mid-Cornwall, Tywardreath Priory was closed in 1536 and disappeared from sight and memory. Daphne du Maurier was so intrigued that she based her successful novel, The House on the Strand on this intriguing medieval foundation.


Fowey Parish Rooms


Friday 22nd February 2019

at 7.30pm

Talk: ‘Graham & Graham: Fowey brothers in law’

by Eileen Scholes

For the last quarter of Victoria’s reign and most of the 20th century, the town’s principal solicitors, three generations of one family, were party to most of the important decisions taken in Fowey. But why, back in 1885, did the firm’s founder give up his successful London practice to move to Cornwall? And how did he manage so quickly to lay the foundations of a legal dynasty that would reach into almost every corner of Fowey’s business for close on 100 years?


Fowey Parish Rooms


Saturday 16th March 2019

at 7.30pm


Saturday 27th April 2019 at 2.30pm

Talk:D Day’ by Roddy de Normann

Details yet to be supplied by the speaker




AGM and Talk ‘A Stroll through Mevagissey’

by Gordon Kane followed by a cream tea.

Free to members


Fowey Town Hall




Whitecross Village Hall