Our Grant Scheme

We are pleased to be able to offer an annual grant of up to £250 to assist local organisations with projects which meet our own objectives. Conditions: 1.  Properly constituted clubs, societies and organisations serving the Fowey River area may apply to the Society for a grant. Only one grant, not in excess of £250.00, will normally be available each year. 2.  The grant must be used to offset all or part of the cost of a project which meets one of Fowey Harbour Heritage Society’s purposes, as set out in the constitution, i.e. ‘to advance the education of the public on the subject of the history and heritage of Fowey Harbour area and to promote research for the public benefit in all aspects of that subject and to publish the results’. 3.  Notwithstanding clause 1, the award of any grant and the amount thereof is entirely within the discretion of the Society which reserves the right not to make an award in any year or to vary the amount of grant or number of recipients. 4.  All grant offers will lapse if not taken up within one year of the date of approval of the grant or such other time limit as may be specified in the grant offer, or with Society’s subsequent agreement. 5.  Grants will be paid on receipt of invoices, where appropriate. 6.  Grants may be offered subject to conditions. 7.  The Society’s contribution to the project should be acknowledged in any publicity relating to the subject of the grant. 8.  Grants should be applied for in writing, setting out:

  • The name of the body, club or organisation seeking the grant and the contact details of the person making the application
  • The purposes for which, and the reasons why, the grant is required from the Society
  • The reason why those purposes meet the objectives of the Society
  • The total amount required from the Society and the date on which it is likely to be required
  • The total cost of the project, if more than the grant, and the source(s) of the rest of the funding

9.  All applications and correspondence relating to the grant and requests for payment to be made to the Society’s Secretary,Jane Staniland, Over the Cliff, 21 Esplanade, Fowey PL23 1HY. 10. Applications should reach the Society by 1st November in any year and will be considered by Society’s Committee at its first meeting in the following year.